Monday, July 13, 2009


Since we have lived in Beaumont, Texas I have not been recycling simply because the city does not have a recycling program. I thought moving to a larger town (especially 1 hour away from Houston) would mean a better city budget which would mean better community programs, including recycling . . .

When we bought the house last July the previous owner had left his "city of Beaumont" recycling bins so I just assumed that I would be able to kick it in gear and continue my obsession with recycling. Once I moved here I quickly found out that the blue city bins thrown in the back corner of our garage were strictly used as personal storage . . .the city of Beaumont Texas no longer has a recycling program! In fact, the mayor made a comment in a local magazine that the city has not plans for a recycling program because it cost too much. Yikes!

Seriously! My consistent weekly recycling has become a greater challenge for me. I am obsessed with recycling the typical stuff (like glass, aluminum, plastic and paper) and never imagined that I would have to do all of the online and phonebook research to find local coastal recycling companies. For 4 months I have gone without recycling and almost gave myself an ulcer so I decided to start hording all of my little pieces of "eco-un-friendly" products. Meanwhile, I continued on my mission for recycling . . .I wasn't going to let the city of Beaumont get in my way even if it has become the most inconvenient thing for me to do.

Unfortunately, last week I found out my husband has been throwing all of my recycling items away . . .apparently he thought I was putting trash down in the garage for him to put in our city trash cans. (obviously he's not joining me on my mission) My recycling project has become a crazy adventure but with 1-week worth of garbage saved I am looking forward to making a "recycling drop" this evening. If all goes well, maybe I will be able to sleep at night because my 20 water bottles per day will be recycled instead of piling up on mother earth!

And yes, I am incorporating a recycling bins right next to our garbage can in our brand new kitchen! 

Cheers to the Struggling Planet Lover, Tree Hugger!

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