Thursday, October 28, 2010

snippits of fall . . .

I've almost let the whole month of October slip away with only one post under my belt.
I so wish for more time to blog but in the meantime, here are a few snippits of fall from our abode sweet abode





Sunday, October 3, 2010

indoor garden

 So with only a few more days of the official "summer" season left, I decided to make the most of it by planting some herbs for a small indoor garden. 

Lucas started off strong with a great sense of helpfulness as he concentrated really
hard while following instructions and pushing the seeds down with the eraser end of a pencil.

Well, then things just started to get a little immature . . .

Or shall I say "toddler-ish." 

But finally, success! 
Seeds planted, no broken pots, a smile for a quick pic, and a happy mama. 

All is well and a summer project completed 
with only a few more days left. 

Oh, well. At least we did it!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

whatever, martha!

I've never been lucky enough [that's an easy way of saying I've totally been out of the technological loop since Lucas was born]to have sirius radio, nor have I taken the time to pull it up on my computer.
So unfortunately, I've totally missed out on
  Jennifer Koppelman Hutt and Alexis Stewart's radio show, Whatever, Martha!

image via ivillage

[Basically, Martha Stewart's daughter, Alexis and her best friend make fun of Martha with quick wit and voicing what we're all thinking . . . even us Martha wanna-bees.]

For those that thrive on sarcasm like me, you will absolutely fall in love with these women! Especially those of us who really dream of being Martha Stewart but seem to only find frustration persuing her simple homemade projects . . . which she seems to produce with classic perfection and ease. 

[perhaps some good editing and the fact that she has a million people 
working for her has something do to with that . . .]

The good news is  . . .
they will debut their new tv show, Whatever, Martha!, on the hallmark channel, September 13th!
And the great thing is that the magnificent Martha herself is the executive producer/creator of the show. 

So now instead of obsessing to produce a Martha Stewart home, I can watch Jennifer and Alexis and not worry that my cupcakes aren't perfect . . .

Oh wait, I don't have time to cook cupcakes. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

last days of summer

I'm always sad to see summer slip away . . . 
but I have to say that I can't wait to start layering clothes and decorating for fall!

[speaking of Texas fall weather . . . it was bright and sunny when I started this one-sentence post, and as I was about to 'publish post' it started to rain. hmmmm.]

Saturday, September 4, 2010

garage sale digs

I'm a little crazy about garages sales, estate sales, 
dumpster diving or better yet . . . road side junk!

It's not just the idea of great vintage finds . . . for me, it's the art of revival with a seemingly designer-esque touch. I just love it when I give myself a completely unreasonable budget and prove to myself (yet again) that the small budget shopping days are the ones that make me the happiest. 

I won't bore you with the silly details,  I'll just say that I was well under my $10 budget.

How convienient that these rich colors happen to be my fall color scheme that I've been dreaming about for a couple of months. There's not a complete set of the glasses (only 5) but I can use these for votive holders or something useful . . . 
even just some tablescape eye candy.

Oh, the simple things in life!

robot dance party . . .

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sewing project :: noelle's patchwork jeans

A few months ago, Noelle began hoarding all of my fashion magazines in her room.
I noticed that a lot of them were missing and then one day I found that she had seized them and nonchalantly stacked them on her coffee table as if I wouldn't notice. Not only did I notice that she had all of my magazines, but I realized that this was it! She had officially grown up! Overnight she had gone from a girl that we [her dad and I] could shop to death, to a young fashionista that sports all things stylish!

In one of my Lucky mags, she found a pair of patchwork jeans from Nasty Gal which cost about $88.
 [I know . . . it sounds like a horrible shop for a 12 year old, but it's not bad. 
They've actually got some really great stuff!] 

She begged me to buy these jeans for her . . . even though the temps outside were screaming SUMMER time and SANDALS, not overpriced jeans that you can't wear everyday because the whole world will notice that you wore the same patchwork jeans the previous day. .  .

So like any other day I said to her, "I can make that!" . . .
Except this time I actually did make it . . . unlike all of those other ambitious days of mine.

She picked out her fabric and I did the work . . .

Now I've seen them on a lot of sites for the late summer/early fall line ups. 
I noticed that Gap even has their own version. 

Good thing I followed through with this project.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

design + decor :: vintage rugs

These pictures that were posted on style court a few years ago 
 totally embrace the idea of vintage-luxe because of the casual use of 
vintage rugs thrown in with modern design
. . . which happen to make me oh-so-happy!

With that idea out on the table . . . 

The time has come to begin decorating our humble abode
And while I'm dreaming of Trina Turk fabric and maybe a room flounced in Schumacher wallpaper, 
I have to be realistic. In case I haven't stressed the word budget enough 
within the past year, hear me now . . .

 but stylish, non the less.

Being that garage sales and estate sales are my absolute favorite past time, I couldn't resist going out this past weekend even though I was giving myself a budget of only $20.
That $20 went really fast but on one item that I've been scrounging around for all summer. . .
an antique big boy bed for Lucas! That'll be a project that you'll soon hear all about but the real excitement came an hour later after I found an unexpected estate sale.

Let me introduce you to our first splash of color in our home . . .

An antique persian rug that happened to be my dream rug for the past few years. 
(probably about 10 years to be exact) Perfect colors, antique (over 50 yrs old, just like I have dreamt), just the right size (13ft x 10ft) and the perfect price

Did I mention it was half price because it was the last day? So half of $350 equals perfectly and acceptably over budget. Not to mention that I also stole a Turkish 9ft runner for the upstairs hallway . . . for only $75. 

The colors are perfectly rich and look amazing with our dark floors and gray walls! Not to mention that the couple of aged spots make it even better for me. Even {E} was so excited about it! Woo Hoo! Talk about blowing my $20 garage sale budget, 
but what a day of vintage-luxe!

The rug is so inspiring for me but of course I wasn't expecting to get an antique persian rug until a few years from now. So . . .  this totally moves our decor in a different direction, but a good one! 

These pillows I made only cost me $2. Yes Yes Yes!
Swoon if you will . . . only $2!

I'm loving the contrast with the rug . . . 
which is what I've always loved! 

Just when I thought I was going to back down from garage sales and estate sales,
 I think I've only just begun. I seriously have a problem! 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

events & parties :: robot inspiration

Ok. So we're suppose to be in northeast Arkansas for a 
family wedding and then on over to Memphis to see friends . . . but of course in the world of la famille bizarre plans continually change. 

Instead of continuing another day of my own pity party (about being 10 hours away from family and friends while they're all partying and having fun), 
I decided to start planning Lucas' 3rd birthday party.

I can't believe I'm even saying that out loud! My baby is turning 3!!!!!!

I've been obsessed with crazy robots since 
Lucas was all too young for that "big boy" stuff . . .
I've secretly been waiting for this day since this post from cookie magazine,  
which the picture says it all.

 To my amazement, Lucas now acts like a robot all day long (and we've got the movie robots on loop in the dvd player to prove it) . . . 
 He has surpassed my obsession which means it's time to turn our obsessions into a party!

It's 2 months away but the planning has begun!

The Invites 
. . . inspiration from tiny prints.
The Edibles 
. . . inspiration from the hostess with the mostess.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

metallic my world!

All of this metallic popping up within the past few years in the design world 
has gotten me all worked up! 
But if you know anything about me, 
you know I will find a resourceful way to get a similar look.

Well, someone will have to take the spray paint away from me . . .
but not because I'm getting high . . . 
but because I have begun to spray everything needing a bit of a lift!

I began my own little metallic world a few months ago with the idea to use some of 
the metallic spray paints that are on the market and bring some of my cheap garage sale rubbish 
finds into a new demension of life.

Beginning with a vintage piggy bank for Lucas . . .

This thing was a hideous pale pink with awful flowers which need not 
ever ever ever be on a pig to begin with . . . or anything else for that matter!

A 50 cent pig is now a stellar piece of porcelin for a groovy little kid!

Then moving on to some amazing side tables . . .

This curvacious table (I bought two for $15) was just screaming for some metallic love!

and that's exactly what I gave it!

Friday, May 28, 2010

an overdue update . . .

Well, as usual, when our life begins to look normal, the chaos flows like a river.
As soon as we got the flagstone patio done under the new breezeway, we realized
that our sewer had some problems. And when I saw problems, I mean leaks in all of the pipes . . .
all over our yard while our sewage literally paraded down the street. Yowzers! 

{E} had to practically dig up every pipe in the yard in order to make sure that the problem was fixed.
Meanwhile, the jets in the pool broke and some valves with the pool equipment had to be replaced.

I'm ok posting these pictures of our white trash back yard, but you'll notice that I didn't dare take
a photo of our swamp of a pool while {E} was having it fixed . . .

Here's my quick photo montage!
Feel free to laugh! (or cry for me, either one)

contemplating how to begin another long weekend fixing pipes . . .

Lucas becoming comfortable with our chaotic lifestyle so he protested against clothes . . .

yep, that's my husband, deep in mud . . . rolex and all!

I have to say that this was the first time that I've ever asked Ace Hardware where
to rent a jack-hammer. Meanwhile, all of the bushes around the pull had
to come out .  . . apparently they were causing some problems with the sewer. 
And of course {E} did that reck-neck style by using his truck to pull them all out.

. . . of all of the poses he could have chosen, this is how he decided to take his picture

Noelle was with her mom, Lucas was taking a nap, and I was waiting for my next run to
Ace Hardware . . . so I stole a moment with a nice Dr. Pepper and dreaming of fabulous decor. . . 

Finally! Grass and no more dirt!

 . . . then moving on to {E}'s clinic. A long night of chamber ribbon cutting and open house partying.

Ignoring the green swamp of a pool, Noelle and her friend Maddy made a fashionably late 
appearance at their end of the year school dance. 

Lucas always messing with the water, even in his pajamas.

And then my husband that never stops decided that in the midst of all of this chaos would be the 
perfect time to plant our new flower bed. 

And that's all I have to say about that . . .

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