Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Believe it or not I was actually contemplating getting rid of our small 3 year old yorkie . . . with contractors coming and going Indie really hasn't been very sensitive to the fact that Lucas can't take naps with loud consistent barking! (especially in a small apartment)

I have been dog sitting for a friend since last Thursday and have realized how great Indie actually is. (besides the annoying and steady high-pitched bark)

He sits, lays down, stays on command and walks on a leash . . .well, he pulls on a leash, but at least I don't have to drag him. 

Now he can peruse around the yard with his collar flipped up and some confidence on his sleeve because dog sitting has not only proved to me that one small dog is enough for the Toribio household right now, but it has rekindled my love for him! How cute is he? He even sat there for me to take this picture of him.

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