Wednesday, August 17, 2011

pace of nature . . .

3 months since my last post . . .
and an interesting 3 months it has been.

I've been on a spiritual journey 
which has taken me on a bumpy road. 

Somedays have been good, somedays have been full of struggles. 
But overall the Lord has revealed a lot to me which has helped me personally and given me some insight on not only the past 3 months, but the past 3 YEARS.

As He has taken me down some twist and turns, 
I have been overloaded with some amazing insight 
that consumes my every thought and prayer.

Meanwhile, la famille bizarre is here at the Frio River down in Leakey, Texas. . . (taking sometime to get away from it all) which has proven to be exactly what I needed.

3 years of lots of questions and no answers.
3 months of goodness and glory revealing itself a little bit at a time!

What perfect timing as I am surrounded by all things nature . . .

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