Wednesday, September 8, 2010

whatever, martha!

I've never been lucky enough [that's an easy way of saying I've totally been out of the technological loop since Lucas was born]to have sirius radio, nor have I taken the time to pull it up on my computer.
So unfortunately, I've totally missed out on
  Jennifer Koppelman Hutt and Alexis Stewart's radio show, Whatever, Martha!

image via ivillage

[Basically, Martha Stewart's daughter, Alexis and her best friend make fun of Martha with quick wit and voicing what we're all thinking . . . even us Martha wanna-bees.]

For those that thrive on sarcasm like me, you will absolutely fall in love with these women! Especially those of us who really dream of being Martha Stewart but seem to only find frustration persuing her simple homemade projects . . . which she seems to produce with classic perfection and ease. 

[perhaps some good editing and the fact that she has a million people 
working for her has something do to with that . . .]

The good news is  . . .
they will debut their new tv show, Whatever, Martha!, on the hallmark channel, September 13th!
And the great thing is that the magnificent Martha herself is the executive producer/creator of the show. 

So now instead of obsessing to produce a Martha Stewart home, I can watch Jennifer and Alexis and not worry that my cupcakes aren't perfect . . .

Oh wait, I don't have time to cook cupcakes. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

last days of summer

I'm always sad to see summer slip away . . . 
but I have to say that I can't wait to start layering clothes and decorating for fall!

[speaking of Texas fall weather . . . it was bright and sunny when I started this one-sentence post, and as I was about to 'publish post' it started to rain. hmmmm.]

Saturday, September 4, 2010

garage sale digs

I'm a little crazy about garages sales, estate sales, 
dumpster diving or better yet . . . road side junk!

It's not just the idea of great vintage finds . . . for me, it's the art of revival with a seemingly designer-esque touch. I just love it when I give myself a completely unreasonable budget and prove to myself (yet again) that the small budget shopping days are the ones that make me the happiest. 

I won't bore you with the silly details,  I'll just say that I was well under my $10 budget.

How convienient that these rich colors happen to be my fall color scheme that I've been dreaming about for a couple of months. There's not a complete set of the glasses (only 5) but I can use these for votive holders or something useful . . . 
even just some tablescape eye candy.

Oh, the simple things in life!

robot dance party . . .

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