Monday, May 2, 2011

design + decor :: toile toile toile

So here's another one of those things marked off my list.
Not so much a honey-do list, but more of a
"there's a million things going thru my head that I'd like to get done" list.

 I am working on a very exciting new retail venture (more to come on that), but in the meantime 
I have been collecting inventory
which has (not surprisingly) taken over my house.
Our current dining room
table and chairs being one of them . . .

The table is on the list to be redone but I seriously could not look at the 60s/70s era fabric on the seat cushions for another minute. YIKES!

So I am proud to say that I have officially marked that one off of my list.
I was so eager that I didn't even take the old fabric or cushion off. (obviously that would be the Martha Stewart way of recovering) There were so many staples that I wasn't about to spend a week on this job.

There are lots of fabrics that I played around with but for some reason I couldn't get away from the french toile pattern.
So I flipped those ugly babies around and started stapling away.

Toile. Toile. Toile.

So there you have it.

recover dining room chairs


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