Wednesday, May 11, 2011

remodeling :: office space inspiration

Good news!
I'm finally getting an office here at the house!

Before I left to go out of town this past weekend, prep work was being done.  When I got back and walked inside the house, not only could I immediately see the painted white walls all the way from my kitchen, but I instantly realized that seeing the drab dark paneling (i have no idea why we never put up a shade on the door) and piles and piles of stored junk had been such a burden to me over the past couple of years.

(view from the living room)

It's amazing how a little paint can make such a drastic change!

Even better news!
I went to Lonny Mag website to look at some of the work space inspiration pictures that I've been swooning over for awhile, only to find that 

1. the May/June issue just went live yesterday (talk about good timing)
and 2. it just so happens that they have a huge spread on decorating their new offices. (double good timing)

They haven't posted pictures from the current issue in their gallery just yet, so no pictures to post . . .
but of course, more to come!

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