Tuesday, May 3, 2011

design + decor :: refurbished lamps

Anything refurbished makes me giddy, so take a look at these babies . . .

These poor things were so ugly. I bought them at a garage sale about a yr. ago and despite their lack of luster, I fell in love with their shape. So away they went into our garage (along with all the other refurbishing hopefuls) and stayed nicely put for a year. 

But during my spring fever stint a few weeks ago, I pulled them out, painted them a bright teal blue and rewired them. 

Oh, wait.  That's where it all went wrong. I TRIED to rewire them but for some reason I wasn't doing something right. After a couple of small shocks and a large one that travelled up through my arm and straight to my heart (literally) I realized I was playing with danger. I could actually hear DJ Lance on Yo Gabba Gabba singing "Danger, danger, danger. Be careful when there's danger. Look out, look out. everybody watch out!"

So I put it down and pouted for the rest of the day! 

But guess who came to town that weekend!? 
No, not Santa! Better than that.

My brilliant engineer of a dad! 
(hence the man hands in the picture)

And of course, the sweet man that he is not only rewired them correctly for me, but he also
1. praised me on my work 
2. reassured me that the instructions I was following were not correct
and 3. taught me a 'lil trick that all engineers know about how to stand with one hand firmly griping your thigh so that if you DO happen to get electrocuted then it won't jolt your heart which would give you a greater chance of living. (sorry about the run-on sentence)

(I love that man! He even knows the correct way to get electrocuted! Those that know him will find that particularly amusing.)

So we've been enjoying my refurbished lamps for awhile! I just love the jolt of color!

And yes, those are original Dorothy Draper chests. . . 
those are my little pieces of heaven that I stumbled upon. (which is a whole post within itself.)


  1. sarah!! I LOVE the lamps! you are the master of refirb. :) you're creativity truly inspires me. I wish you would come to jboro. we bought a diff house and are moving in early june. I already have been designing in my brain. migt have to send you some pics. I am currently working on the colors. (which will hopefully have that tealish in it! it's currently my favorite. oh!!! and I love the part about uncle Walter! Hahahaha I can picture it now. miss you all!

  2. oh thank you betherst! i know . . . i love turquoise and teal! I wish we were closer so we could refirb together! i'm going to texarkana to work on jake's house this weekend :) I sold him tons of stuff a few months back and now realizing I need to help him put it all together in a stylish way :)

  3. start buying for me and then I'll buy from you!! my problem in refirb is not having time to shop. :( I need everything! lamps, random endtables, bedside tables, any kids size stuff,, frames, anything I can spray paint that's semi kid friendly. Haha love you and seriously miss you so much! wish we could plan a cousin weekend!

  4. ok. i'm on it sista! I'll definitely be looking/shopping for you . . . can't wait to see your new place!


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