Thursday, March 31, 2011

i live in a circus . . . i mean, farm

Well, my blog is called la famille bizarre for a reason.
I knew this when starting this whole thing but I am learning more and more each day just how appropriate it is. Besides living a crazy and completely unpredictable life, also known as our own little circus, I've recently had to just accept the fact that our humble abode is beginning to resemble a farm.

Let me introduce you to our city-fied farm animals . . .

1. Indie (aka Indie Rock, Indie Roo)
Thinks he's a 200 lb. sheep dog but truly weighs in at just under 5 lb.

2. Miley (aka Miley Cyrus)
She's a friend of Indie's that loves to come over and play

3. Gretta (aka the apple of Eric's eye)
4. Keene (aka Hans Von Keene)
Both are loveable, hyper and ALWAYS wet from the pool. If you could only see my reaction as they shake mud all over my flagstone patio and WHITE adirondack chairs. Wow. I just don't even know what to say about these kiddos. 

 But wait! It gets better!

5. "the quail"
Yes, that's right. Eric has bought quail to trian his dogs with . . .

LOTS of quail!

Sorry, but I don't have the energy to conjure up any adjectives in order to describe the stinch!

And that leaves us one more on the farm . . .

6. Cottontail (another dog training tool)
I'm not sure if I should mention there were others . . .


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