Friday, March 4, 2011

design + decor :: milkglass topiaries

This week has been nothing short of a weird week. 
It's amazing how use you get to routine. I realized, once again, that I like routine. Noelle woke up sick sick sick Monday morning with strep throat which quickly threw my usual weekly grind into a whirlwind. 
But that being said, I was home Monday (not knowing she'd be home all week) and found 20 minutes to throw in a quick project that I've been meaning to do for a few weeks. 

I bought some precious 6 in. milk glass urns a few weeks past (as if I don't have enough milkglass) on one of my off road antique binges. I took that 20 minutes (in between nursing Noelle back to health and the usual crazy housework that always seems to be there) to turn my little milkglass loves into some stellar little moss covered topiaries. They have livened up a little vignette in our living room. And considering I've got a huge case of spring fever (and a dreary cold), these seem to be the only thing that screams SPRING in our house right now. 

(I feel a bit weird posting about these cute little bundles of mossy topiaries considering there is a large plant in the corner that's about to die because of lack of water. So shameful!)

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