Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sewing project :: noelle's patchwork jeans

A few months ago, Noelle began hoarding all of my fashion magazines in her room.
I noticed that a lot of them were missing and then one day I found that she had seized them and nonchalantly stacked them on her coffee table as if I wouldn't notice. Not only did I notice that she had all of my magazines, but I realized that this was it! She had officially grown up! Overnight she had gone from a girl that we [her dad and I] could shop to death, to a young fashionista that sports all things stylish!

In one of my Lucky mags, she found a pair of patchwork jeans from Nasty Gal which cost about $88.
 [I know . . . it sounds like a horrible shop for a 12 year old, but it's not bad. 
They've actually got some really great stuff!] 

She begged me to buy these jeans for her . . . even though the temps outside were screaming SUMMER time and SANDALS, not overpriced jeans that you can't wear everyday because the whole world will notice that you wore the same patchwork jeans the previous day. .  .

So like any other day I said to her, "I can make that!" . . .
Except this time I actually did make it . . . unlike all of those other ambitious days of mine.

She picked out her fabric and I did the work . . .

Now I've seen them on a lot of sites for the late summer/early fall line ups. 
I noticed that Gap even has their own version. 

Good thing I followed through with this project.

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