Thursday, June 3, 2010

metallic my world!

All of this metallic popping up within the past few years in the design world 
has gotten me all worked up! 
But if you know anything about me, 
you know I will find a resourceful way to get a similar look.

Well, someone will have to take the spray paint away from me . . .
but not because I'm getting high . . . 
but because I have begun to spray everything needing a bit of a lift!

I began my own little metallic world a few months ago with the idea to use some of 
the metallic spray paints that are on the market and bring some of my cheap garage sale rubbish 
finds into a new demension of life.

Beginning with a vintage piggy bank for Lucas . . .

This thing was a hideous pale pink with awful flowers which need not 
ever ever ever be on a pig to begin with . . . or anything else for that matter!

A 50 cent pig is now a stellar piece of porcelin for a groovy little kid!

Then moving on to some amazing side tables . . .

This curvacious table (I bought two for $15) was just screaming for some metallic love!

and that's exactly what I gave it!

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