Saturday, September 19, 2009

'domino' effect

I have been having some serious withdrawals from DOMINO magazine for the past 6 months. When I read the editor's note about their "last issue" I almost cried but figured that the funds from sponsors would come storming through their doors and I would be happy to find my April issue pleasantly hanging out of my mailbox waiting for me to read and consume every picture and word. As it turned out, the funds didn't come through, and the editor was right, they were done . . . no more domino.

As the months have gone on I have continued to cry for my beloved DOMINO mag!!!!!!


I only have a handful of my magazines left and wished I had the last full year's worth of issues to keep. How happy am I to find issues for sale on AMAZON!  This has made my weekend!


  1. Ah! Domino, don't get me started! I don't know what they were thinking taking it away from us! Before that they took away Blueprint Magazine from Martha Stewart. That's why I got into blogs, they provide the same type fulfillment Domino did in a way. Check out Readymade Magazine, it's not the same as Domino but I enjoy it, it's more toward DIY.

  2. Yes Yes Yes. I'm right there with you. . . I loved Blueprint and have recently started in on Readymade Mag. But I think you're right about blogging. . .It's our source, or sources, of inspiration!


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