Tuesday, September 8, 2009

modern mom monday

Ok! So this is the fiirst MODERN MOM MONDAY blog. Mondays are a drag and as a mom I'm always looking for a little pick me up so I'm going to make sure that my Monday blogs include a little love for the busy, yet modern, mom.
Well, for the past two weeks I've had my eyes on the new Madsen Cycle so I knew I wanted it to be my first modern mom pick!

I just can't get enough of it and since my first spying of this incredibly posh transportation, I have since seen it in other blogs, magazines and of course all over the internet.

I was so excited to use this modern bike for my new MODERN MOM MONDAY blog so I found the home webpage and realized that they are just as excited about getting the word out as I am.

They're giving away one bike each week which just made my Monday even more exciting! I can just picture myself and my little monkey boy cruising around Beaumont, Texas while really dreaming about riding in a locale with less humidity! Wouldn't that be so much fun?!


  1. You'd be the coolest mom...hope you'd get it!

  2. Sweet! I'd love to ride this bike. I bet my dog would love to ride in the back, too :)

  3. I know, isn't it awesome! It just screams, "LIFE IS GOOD!"


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