Thursday, September 3, 2009

the loveables :: 'caps' off to pencils

I use to work for a non-profit arts organization with a daily grind that included countless appointments and meetings that were scheduled and re-scheduled and then scheduled and re-scheduled all over again. Addicted to ink, I quickly learned that I had to create a new habit of using pencils in order to keep my daily planner looking sleek and organized. Unfortunately I was never able 
(nor did I have the time of day)  to look for stylish pencils. 

Noelle started back to school last week and has been told she can't use mechanical pencils in some of her classes. After lugging around town gathering up all of her school supplies, I was not only inspired to begin a new love affair with pencils, but  I was on a mission to find something stylish . . . beyond the classic yellow #2 pencils.  

So in love with these bamboo patterned pencils from iomoi! 
I don't think I will mind filling up my calendar as long as I 
have one of these in my hand. What a statement!

iomoi has a ton of rich colors to choose from but I kept going back to this 
incredible color of gray! Although dark, it still captures a clean and crisp look.

This pencil holder from see jane work screams style!  
What's a pretty pencil without a gorgeous pencil holder?!

. . . and these pencil holders will look fabulous on Noelle's desk.  

These colors from are so modern 
and would probably inspire Noelle to do her math homework. 

What can I say? This box of pencils are far from the typical 
box of yellow #2 pencils. Very girly with unexpected whimsy make 
these Lilly Pulitzer pencils worth buying . . . so lovely!

If I were back in an office job I would definitely want these pencils 
the russell+hazel website to be placed front and center on my desk. 
They have such a sleek look with crystals that grace the tops for an added surprise. 
If I'm not mistaken, the glass holder comes with them . . . 

As soon as I can get my hands on some of these pencils I will be putting the caps back on my pens and setting them aside to make room for my new love affair . . .

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