Monday, March 1, 2010

project profile :: noelle's room [re]vamp

Noelle's room is the first one that we've even began to touch decor wise. She's been patiently waiting for a room of her own. 

:: after living together in our garage apt. she deserved to have her own space :: 

She's grown up so much over the past year and a half since we bought this house so she was quick to tell us that she wasn't very excited about bring her "little girl" furniture and decor into this room . . .

Well lucky for her, after much pleading and begging for some funds, her dad said I could start redecorating her room for Christmas. Being that today is March, Christmas has obviously come and gone and I have neglected to get this room completed. 

But we are definitely well on our way even though it's been a challenge. First of all her room here is at least 2x bigger than any room  she's ever had. Secondly, we both have different design ideas. But it's her room so I stuck with her design inspiration board and went from there while guiding her along the way.  I think it's turning out great . . . so here's a sneak peek.

The chalkboard "grandmother" clock that we painted on the wall came in phases. 
A week ago we started that project . . .


We folded wrapping paper in half, hand drew the outline for the clock, cut it out, then unfolded and taped it on the wall. Then I just traced around it with pencil and there you go . . .

Here's sweet Noelle patiently waiting for me to outline the clock with paint so she could paint the rest.

After a couple of coats of paint the teal/turquoise clock was finally done. I personally would have left it like this but Noelle was dying to have it as a chalkboard. 


I used the same template and just cut to make it smaller. Then I taped it back up on the wall and retraced it with a pencil again for the chalkboard area. I initially rounded the top part of the chalkboard and when I stepped back to admire my work, it looked like a big egg on a pedastool. So I free handed it up on top and made it taller. 

I finally completed it in the middle of all our other projects going on around the house . . . and just in time for Noelle to see it when she got home from visiting her mother for the weekend

:: she didn't know that I was going to finish it for her :: 

She wasn't even home for 10 minutes before she had it covered in her tested artwork!

Ok, one weekend project down . . . a million more to go!


  1. SO creative! Love it & I bet Noelle does to! Love the progress you guys are making. My roommate said that when she was growing up her family spent most of their time remodeling their house and it turned into the biggest family bonding experience of their lives, (even though most people say that it is the most strenuous thing for a family to go through) It looks like the same thing is true for you guys and I think it's so awesome. Loving it.

  2. that is amazing! i love it!! :)

  3. That chalkboard heart is amazing! What a brilliant idea---keep up with the good work. Can't wait to see more photos, you girls certainly are well on your way! XO


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