Monday, March 8, 2010

and the bed goes to . . .

la famille bizarre getting ready for bed

9:30 pm  :: everyone watching the Oscars
10:55 pm :: waking up from groggy sleep just in time for Best Actor
11:02 pm :: getting everyone up stairs for bed
11:10 pm :: Noelle and Indie lay down in her bed and close the door
11:12 pm :: Momzy lays down with Lucas in our bed
11:13 pm :: {E} decides he wants Keene to sleep in our room so he brings him up stairs
11:15 pm :: Noelle decides to use the bathroom and leaves her door open so Indie runs out
11:15 pm :: Keene so excited about Indie (but Indie hates Keene) and he starts chasing him thru the hallway
11:16 pm :: Momzy realized she needs some water to take some medicine and heads down stairs
11:16 pm :: Indie trys to escape Keene's playful gestures and takes off after Momzy
11:17 pm :: Momzy does her best to ignore the fact that both dogs are chasing each other around and around the house while barking and growling
11:18 pm :: Momzy finally gets both dogs upstairs 
11:18 pm :: {E} gets Indie and Noelle settled again in her bed with door closed
11:20 pm :: Momzy back in bed with Lucas and {E} gets Keene settled on his bed
11:25 pm :: finally, all lights out
11:26 pm :: Keene whimpering for attention
11:27 pm :: we hear Noelle getting out of her room and leaves Indie in her room with door closed
11:27 pm :: Noelle in the bathroom and Indie barking and barking because he's by himself
11:28 pm :: Keene begins his barking and whimpering because he wants to be with Indie
11:29 pm :: Noelle back in her room with Indie
11:30 pm :: Keene asleep and snoring
11:32 pm :: silence
11:35 pm :: silence
11:37 pm :: silence
11:39 pm :: silence
11:40 pm :: Noelle knocking on our door with Indie in her hands 
11:40 pm :: Indie jumps out of her hands and runs to my bed and gets under the covers
11:40 pm :: Keene wakes up and wants Indie
11:41 pm :: Eric talks Noelle into letting Keene sleep in her room with her
11:42 pm :: Eric takes Keene and his bed into Noelle's room
11:43 pm :: Noelle talks {E} into sleeping with her 
11:45 pm :: Noelle and {E} in her room with Keene asleep on floor
11:45 pm :: Momzy, Lucas and Indie asleep in our bed

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