Tuesday, October 27, 2009

san francisco

From the gorgeous hilltop chapel in Tiburon, to making-out in a big tree at Lake Tahoe, here are a few pics of our trip (without kids, I might add . . .) to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. It's long over due and with everything else on our plate I really don't have the energy for captions . . .
enjoy la famille bizarre without kids! (seriously our first trip without kids since we got married)

Ok, I have to write a caption for this picture of Noelle . . .
My family knows I absolutely love caramel apples and m&m's are my favorite candy . . . When I found this caramel apple smothered in m&m's at Dean & Delucas in Napa, I knew it would be the perfect afternoon snack for me and Noelle. So of course I took special care of it the whole flight home just so we could cram our mouths full of m&ms while caramel sticks to our teeth . . .yum yum!

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