Monday, October 5, 2009

modern mom monday

I pretty much forgot that it was Monday today. I've been consumed with all of our taxes!!! Yes, it's not enough that we're super busy with our house, but we've got to get our taxes done before we leave for San Francisco this Friday.
I've taken a break from all of the crazy receipts to share my latest craving.

I love this book! I crawled in a corner in Barnes and Nobles the day I discovered it and almost looked through every single craft . . .while dreaming of the days that I could actually work on some of those cool projects. I noticed recently that Urban Outfitters is carrying it online now too! But I'm gonna wait to buy it because I know myself too well . . . I will put everything important aside in order to test every project!

This is another super chic book from urbn. I was flipping through the other one called "All About Me" when I realized Eric and I could go through this book together! It's the couples version . . . an attempt to bring us all closer, I guess. OH SO COOL! I'm so curious to know what our answers are going to be. But no matter what it could definitely shake things up around here and get our mind off of our crazy remodeling!

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