Saturday, August 1, 2009

budget birthday!

I had a lot of plans and a lot of great ideas that quickly became obsolete once we decided that 2009 has brought on more of ‘budget birthdays’ as opposed to ‘blowout birthdays’. So my big 2-year-old baby soiree turned into a small thing . . .not so much of a big event like I normally pursue.

After convincing myself that it’s Lucas’ party and he wouldn’t even remember, I finally began planning a party with budget in mind instead of atmosphere and design. Once my mind was set on budget, I surprised myself by what I pulled off. 

Using all things creative and with the help of some of my handmade birthday banners (from Lucas’ 1st birthday party) we made a simple pool party feel a tad bit more extravagant even though “budget” was the main theme.

Afterward I laughed at myself because of my crazy undying need to entertain in style. After 3 years of being with my Filipino husband, I think I have finally realized what Eric has been telling me all along . . .Filipinos aren’t worried about the lavish designs and décor of stylish parties, they are more interested in spending quality time with close friends and family.

I am so proud of myself for putting together a party that was geared toward these special times with friends and family. This is one of the first parties that I’ve hosted that I haven’t been stressed out. Lucas had a blast and partied with the owls until 11pm while all of the other kids and parents continued to swim, eat and enjoy fellowship well past midnight. 

I pulled out Lucas's birthday banners that I had made for his 1st birthday. Fortunately you can find some great templates on 
which is where I found the cool lettering that I used on my scrapbook paper. 

The lush paper flowers are also martha stewart. I had them left over from a previous party  but unfortunately are almost on their last leg. 

Although Noelle wouldn't get out of the pool, we managed to snap a quick pic with the birthday boy!

Noelle finally jumped out to take pic with the birthday boy and G-Mama and Pops! Obviously it wasn't a cocktail party, so not only were we wearing our poolside attire, but we battled southest texas humidity all day and night. 

I suggest a pool party for any toddler that needs to get some wiggles out. . .it worked great for our family and friends. . .especially for a 'budget birthday.'

Of course I couldn't just completely walk away from creative birthday decor, even if no one else cared, so I pulled out some supplies from our moving boxes and  implemented some homemade signage for table centerpieces. With my initial inspiration from, I decided to make some birthday party owls that could "hoot" all night with the kids. I had all of the supplies so it only cost me $5 for laminating and could last for a few more parties if anyone wants them. . .

Although I take great pride in hosting parties and don’t think I will ever be able to cleanse myself of those creative juices, I am so thankful for the wonderful evening with friends, family and food!

Now, if I can only stay with the “budget” theme for Noelle’s 12th birthday bash in a few weeks!  

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  1. LOVE your budgeted creativity! And SO glad you finally posted pics of the kids; Lucas is SOOO handsome!


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