Sunday, August 30, 2009

lost art

My mother always influenced me with her handwritten notes. Whether it was a simple note she was sending to a friend or some biblical words of encouragement, I grew up treasuring those little handwritten somethings that always gave me comfort when I least expected it. Now, even as an adult, I cherish those days when in the massive pile of bills, magazines and junk mail I'm lucky enough to pull out a thoughtful handwritten gesture addressed to me. With the daily grind becoming so saturated with technology we have forgotten how great it is to be so personal. 

Here is some inspiration to pass along . . .

These books by Margaret Shepherd make me want to hand write notes to everyone in my contacts. It's scary to think that the rising generation think of handwritten notes as a lost art but maybe these books will encourage a new phase of comfort with the pen. 

Now . . . on to finding that perfectly modern stationery . . .  

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