Tuesday, January 5, 2010

remodeling :: on a lighter note . . .

So for the past year we've been looking at and shopping for light fixtures with high anticipation! I don't know what it is about the idea of lighting our renovated abode, but I think that if you skimp on the lighting then your efforts and money could possibly look dim . . . total pun intended.

Well, here we are on the last leg of renovations while also being on the last leg of our budget. We've exhausted every penny and now have no money for that fabulous lighting that we keep dreaming about . . .
but my lighting solution made me feel like I struck gold.

We re-invented the old lighting that the previous owners left with the house and brought it to a new state of traditional glam!






I was surprised that eric agreed to my plan but not only did he agree but undoubtedly, he was the one who ended up spraying them for me. . . look at that artistic focus!

In fact, love it so much I think we're going to forego those other dreamy lighting options and keep these until we strike gold one day.

But until the next gold strike I'm going to be dreaming of these . . .

jaime hayon

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  1. Ahh! How great! I was planning on doing the same thing to two of the light fixtures that came with our house. I can't stand looking at the dingy goldy metal, makes me cringe.


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