Friday, January 29, 2010

grandmother's quilt

Today is rainy and dreary . . .

I was suppose to do some marketing for Eric's clinic this morning and was actually (selfishly) relieved when he said he had to take my car to work. (his window won't roll up all the way which doesn't make for a great ride to work in the middle of a thunderstorm) 

Noelle has a cold and has missed the past two days of school and Lucas is right behind her with the cold, minus the fever, so he missed the trusty 'ol Mother's Day Out today. 

Nevertheless, we're all home snuggling under our quilts. I always forget how much I love my quilts! I'm pretty sure Noelle is tired of hearing me talk about them but every quilt has a story and just floods me with memories!

This particular one that I threw on my bed last month is one my late Grandmother Opal made with pieces of my past. Every piece of fabric is from an outfit, pillow or bedspread that she had made me at some point in my childhood.

It's not Dwell Studio but it's so great for this perfectly simple day!

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