Monday, December 7, 2009

remodeling :: keep truckin'

"keep truckin'"
So I stole that quote from my older brother . . . it's his favorite!
But I've had it in my head for the past couple of weeks. We thought we'd already have our furniture moved in downstairs and we're anxiously scurring around trying to complete some of the small details so we can make that move a reality.
Senior "Saggy Pants" Hector taking his time drying paint samples for me.
The painters took a little longer than we thought and I had a bit of a meltdown when we realized that the paint we saved from upstiars had been tampered with which meant the paint codes didn't work. (with one room left to paint) Our paint didn't even remotely resemble the rest of the house (the whole house is the same gray color except for our white kitchen) but after a few days of tears and frustration, an angel at Home Depot was able to match our color exactly! So, the painters said their goodbyes and in came the floor guy ready to stain all of the floors.


Are you kidding me? He knew we just paid thousands of dollars for all of the interior and exterior paint and then he nonchalantly screws it up! But don't worry, he quickly realized who his mamma was when I put my foot down on any payments being made to him until he helped with the painting. Well, why in the world did I think that a guy that does floors for a living would have a clue about painting. He showed up with a sponge paintbrush from a craft store and a teenage boy that doesn't speak english. Ha Ha Ha
Needless to say, we are still working on touch up paint which ultimately turned into me and Eric re-painting all of the baseboards. We should have moved in a week ago but of course after a year of this, you'd think that I would have learned, nothing goes according to plan around here.

"keep truckin'"

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