Monday, December 7, 2009

fall wreath

Sadly,  I haven't decorated for Christmas yet. We finally finished putting up our neighborhood Christmas Trees outside in the yard and hung a wreath on the front door, but all of our Christmas decor is sadly still packed away and pushed in a corner of Lucas' bedroom . . . along with all of Eric's 6 boxes of sweaters with no where to store. I haven't even taken them down the stairs since retrieving them from the back of the attic. Since we're still trying to finish up with the painting downstiars, there is no point in making a mess yet. So that being said, my fall wreaths (which were never hung up because our painting wasn't done) have taken up residence in our bedroom. I was thinking I would just put them back in the attic when I put the empty Christmas decor boxes back up there. . .but obviously that hasn't happened. Since I wasn't able to share these wreaths with my neighborhood, I will share them with the world! Next year they will be grand once they make it to the front and back doors but right now they are just reminders that not only did November come and go but it's 7 December 2009 and I'm dying to decorate for Christmas!

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