Tuesday, November 24, 2009

remodeling :: holy yellow batman!

So I had to fight for the YELLOW front door and was happy to finally win a battle that was truly inspired by some bright yellow doors on the web.

As you can see yellow became YELLOW and I'm not so sure about my decision.

It looks AMAZING in this picture and I think it's just as inspiring as other yellow doors I've seen . . . despite the limp and dying fall decor. Now I'm dreaming of a crazy zebra rug to add to our unpredictable front porch entrance in place of our sad and unimpressive door mat.

It definitely creates an entrance that becomes the prelude to a modern traditional home, which is exactly what I was going for . . . but I missed the mark with the shade of YELLOW. My inspiration was YELLOW, but with our over abudance of a pure white coastal house, I think I should have toned it down to be more of a yellow . . .

Eric said that while I was gone this past weekend that several different couples walking by complimented our color choice . . . but I'm definitely not sure if I believe them. There's no telling what people are saying in this conservative town.

Since the door was scraped and scraped for days in preparation of it's new coat of paint, it's safe to say that Eric will kill me if I mention that we need to tone the yellow down a notch. So, that being said, I think maybe some black shutters or possibly window boxes will be my next project in order to break up the large blank canvas.

Now the fun part begins as I pull out all of our Christmas decor and try to depict what will work with our new home . . . and YELLOW door.


  1. your house is awesome!! and the yellow front door makes it al the more cool!

  2. A few black shutters...and perfection. It will tone it down slightly. Maybe a little more to your liking. But, it's beautiful, either way. I'm so glad!!!!!!!!!


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