Tuesday, November 24, 2009

fall without the decor . . .

It finally feels like fall.

24 November 2009

 . . . and I still don't have a wreath on my front door. Actually, after 3 weeks, the painters just finished painting our front door YELLOW.  .  . just in time for Christmas decor.

All year I've been setting goals for our house and every goal seems to become just a simple statement made and a simple statement past.

I'm obviously very anxious to get back to anything that resembles a simple life, including holiday decor. The fall season seems like it's flown by; especially since it's been 80 and 70 degrees throughout October and November with no signs of leaves changing colors (up until this past week).

As a creative person at heart, I have yearned to make these holidays warm, creative and cozy for our kids, despite living in a less than inviting construction zone.  Although I have had good intentions, the fall season has been anything but a stylish magazine cover for me.

*The new halloween cookie cutters - left untouched sitting in Lucas' high chair * halloween pumpkins - most left undecorated (but great ideas in my crazy head) and then realized they were given to the Mexican workers painting the house by my husband without telling me * the cookies and baking supplies for fall cookies - still left untouched in the fridge and kitchen cupboards * my fall wreaths - still sitting on my desk in our room waiting to be hung (after painters are done with the exterior) *  cornicopias and other fall decor - still packed away in the attic with nowhere to be displayed * my fresh fall spice flavored candles - melted, warped and packed along with other candles * the few ceramic pumpkins set out for some simple decor - busted and shattered thanks to Lucas * my front porch plants and pumpkin scapes specifically placed in hopes to show the neighbors that we are not white trash - only to be crushed and wacked out by the painters


Nothing has gone according to plan for me but I was able to let the kids paint some miniture pumpkins
. . . freestyle . . . which was awesome to watch! While visiting my mom, Noelle invited her friend Zoe over and Lucas was just along for the ride and enjoying every minute of it. Lots of color, laughs and family made me content with the remodeling life long enough to consume the love and joy that the holidays brings out in everyone. Looking forward to December and hoping for some more creative outlets to pursue that hopefully produce some holiday cheer that I have long awaited for.

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