Monday, April 26, 2010

remodeling :: easter madness part two

So nothing in my life goes according to plan . . .
hence the fact that, not only am I just now catching up on my blogging, but our kitchen wasn't done by Easter!

No worries though. I'm not in the crazy house, in case you were wondering. You're prayers must have worked because everything was as complicated as usual and yet I'm still here.

:: SUNDAY ::
[one week before Easter]

"E" woke up early and started on the house again . . . preparing for the vent-a-hood.

The house is a total disaster . . .

 . . . of course the vent-a-hood wasn't as easy as they thought and pretty  much took ALL day.

:: MONDAY ::

The counter top installers made it to our house by 8:00am only to realize 
that we had ordered squared edges as opposed to ogee. 
So they had to return all the way to North Houston to fabricate the edges in their shop . . . 
which means a few more days until I get my counter tops. 

Good thing the marble installers had to come back because "E" realized there was a piece loose where the pot filler had to be installed . . . hence the huge hole in the wall. So there he goes working again!

:: TUESDAY :: 

He fixed the loose piece but now the hard part . . . crawling under the house and turning on the water!

Cabinet dooors still being installed!

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE my inset cabinets!

Another late night . . . 
staying up to get the kitchen clean for the marble installers Wednesday morning.

Poor "E"! He's so exhausted he was being a pooper!


Well, they called Wednesday morning and said they were still working 
on some of the fabrications on the edges . . .so we had to wait another day!


They came and left Thursday only to find they had made a lot of mistakes! 
Too many considering the price we paid.
So this is the boss man back to fix it all! 
I was sick to my stomach for two days until they finally got this done! 

"E" and our cute young plumber moving in the dishwasher! Yay! 
But of course I had to stay up late with "E" to get in all installed. 
After nearly two years of this, I have become a professional "manual/installation reader."


It wasn't done in time for Easter dinner, but I can't complain. At least I can now wash clothes without walking across our lot to the back garage with no light and some rigged plumbing! I've been washing everything in my sight! Fabuloso!

Then it was a week of unpacking and organizing. Oh wait, did I say a week? 
I'm pretty sure I'll still be organizing a year from now.

With a lot of help from a friend and a little help from me, "E" was able to get our range out of the garage and in the kitchen last night . . .
now if we can just get it in place then I'll be cooking soon.


  1. I think I need to be invited to your house finishing party cause it looks like it's out of a magazine! ;) LOVE your classy taste Sarah!

  2. thanks Laura O . . . just wait until I decorate! And of course, you are always invited to our house, but especially when we throw our big house finishing party . . . we're working on the flagstone patio as we speak!


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